South African EME radio station
Grid Locator KG44CF
    In September 2015, after 15 years in Switzerland, we move to South Africa for working reasons to be based in Pretoria. After presenting my request to ICASA (The independent Communication Authority of South Africa) in August 2015 they issue my SA Amateur license as ZS6EME in record time (just one week). Doing the preparations for the big move, Michi HB9JAW helps me to build a transportable 3.6m dish. Was very difficult for me to find "free time" and build the dish when I was packing the entire house but we manage just one day before my container leave Switzerland and start the Interoceanic trip to the port of Durban. I did my first announcement in "moon-net" in August and the response from the EME community was fantastic, especially from John ZS6JON (who quickly play a big role for me in short time). Here you will find interesting information regarding our hobby, a details description of my station build from scratch, I want to share with you my happiness, experience and frustrations, probably you will find valuable information in the next pages and maybe that can help you in your individual EME project.

                                                                                                                                                  73 de Alex, ZS6EME

On 29.07.2016 I was able to complete my first EME QSO with HB9Q, South Africa is now active in 13cm!!!
I'm still waiting for a special permit to operate in 9cm never the less the 6cm project is well in advance, soon I will initiate operations in this band.