Since the EME Conference
in France I had already 22
pre-orders for the IQ+XT, I
need at least 30 pre-orders
to produce the radios with
no profit, send an email if
you are interested and I will
back to you with the details.


IQ+XT with an experimental
LO reach a sideband noise of:
No other 144MHz ham radio
reach that performance
unitl now!!


MAP65 support for IQ+XT.
Joe, K1JT upload the latest
MAP65 (v2.5, r4705), some
minor bugs are corrected
and the integration with the
IQ+ receiver and IQ+XT is
working perfect.
Thank you very much Joe!!

EME and Weak signal communication
Watch the IQ+ RevB presentation during the 15th International
EME Conference 2012 in Cambridge, UK on
(go to Film Archive and search inside EME Conference)

Delivery continue, shipping day 48hrs. after payment confirmation,
not any more long waiting list for your IQ+ !!
.........Adieu 2014, Bienvenue 2015!!
Dear Friends

2014 was a fantastic year for you, LinkRF and me, with 156 IQ+ units sold since 2012, the IQ+ dual channel receiver probe "on the field" his extraordinary performance. Several middle and small EME stations adopted the IQ+ receiver improving the reception and killing the Faraday rotation problem. Additional since 1 year ago Rene, PE1L start to use the IQ+ receiver for his DX-peditions and he is very satisfied with the results, never the less a lot of people profit from the good reception Rene has now with the IQ+ receiver.

Two month ago I announced, via the reflector, I will move to South Africa in September 2015 for 4 years, for professional reasons a new challenge is waiting us in ZS. But all my contribution to the EME community will not stop. The production of IQ+ radios and Antenna Controllers will continue based in Switzerland, just this year I will have a limited production. My LAB will close in May 2015 means if you are interested in any product this is the right moment to place your pre-order.
For 2015 I will have only 25 IQ+ receptors (8 already sold) and 15 antenna Controllers (5 already sold), first arrive first serve. Regulary I will update the infos in my page about the availability.

The IQ+XT, as you probably already know, is the latest product I develop, with -133dBc/Hz phase noise the IQ+XT is one of the most success 144MHz transmitters, outperforming most of the commercial radios actually, was introduced during the EME Conference 2014 in France and few pre-production units are already in service with excellent results, unfortunate the response from the IQ+ users still a little slow and until now I didn't reach the absolute minimum number of pre-orders to produce the radio, I will need at least 30 pre-orders but I had just 22, is a matter of time, never the less the IQ+XT will be produced AT COST with CERO profit for me, is just a post sales service to all those who already have and IQ+ receiver, stay tune.

During the last 2 month I had the time to experiment with new a Local Oscillator for the IQ+XT. The idea was to probe how far away the performance can be pushed and I was astonish when I was able to reach a side band noise of -156dBc/Hz@50KHz (BW 500Hz), I can said now undoubtedly the IQ+XT , based on the IQ modulator LTC5598, probed to reach performance levels never ever reached by any other 144 MHz commercial ham radio, not even HF radios with Transverters and IF crystal banks reach that performance, at least I did a heavily research and I find nothing on that value, most of the results I found are just on the range of -140 to -150dBC/Hz, not bad numbers but definitive the IQ+XT is superior. Soon I will dedicate one page to this experimental research based on the IQ+XT, I will compare my inital results done with the Agilent N5505A Phase Noise Analayser with a similar instrument on another Lab and with the WSE converters, stay tune!!

The OE5JFL antenna controller, produced under the name of DRIACS-G2 still the best EME Antenna Controller, more than 130 units produced and sold, and now with some news like the DRITrack software for remote operation and the new option to interface the Inclinometer POSITAL with 0.04 accuracy (more details on the antenna controller page)

Finally, in 2014 I produced a limited number of SIGP-1 units, to calibrate the IQ phase and amplitude and the famouse "Smart Blanker" in Linrad, the 25 units I produced "fly" in just 2 days and I don't have PCB's in stock any more but a growing list still in place and as soon I reach 25 pre-order I will order the PCB's and sold "AT COST" as usual.

After producing several electronics equipment, to help my EME friends, now is time to think about my station. Michi, HB9JAW  is helping me in the construction of a dish with 3.7m diameter (solid, no mesh) and now I'm dedicating the little free time I have left to finish the station prior my move to ZS. For first time in years I have been able to retain one of the Antenna Controller that I have produced and save it for me,  same for the IQ+ receiver and obviously for the IQ+XT. My plans are to operate in 23cm, 13cm and 9cm. The idea is to deploy my antenna in Pretoria arround end of 2015, in 23cm my PA (500 watts SSPA) is ready, I hope to contact you in CW and JT, my favorite modes, but please be patient because my performance in CW is very bad.

As usual my Remote suport via Skype and Teamviewer for those with problems to setup MAP65/Linrad/IQ+ will continue, even if you didn't orther nothing from me, just send me and email and I will find the time to help you.

Finally I want to extend my gratitude to all my friends who made possible the success of the IQ+, the Antenna Controller and all little projects I've put at the disposal of you, my special thanks to Leif SM5BSZ, colleague, friend and mentor. Without their help and collaboration none of my projects have been possible and also my thank's to Joe, K1JT who support my IQ+XT project introducing the properly modification on his software "MAP65".

73 de Alex, HB9DRI